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By Lena Chayce

Lena Chayce

2020 has indeed been a year for the books.... Starting with the heartbreaking, fatal helicopter crash that claimed 9. To earthquakes and tornadoes, across the United States in places that never had them before. We see wealthy men going to trial, and convicted for their disrespectful and vulgar behavior towards women in the film and movie industry . We’ve come face-to-face with the killer, COVID-19.

By Lena Chayce

A Year for the books

“2020 has indeed been a year for the books.....”

At the end of 2019, I heard many people, as well as read posts and memes on social media that stated, ‘2020 is gonna be the year of clear vision’! The year that everything will come together for all who are striving to do better, and be better versions of themselves. Fulfilling the resolutions made for the new year. As of recent, the whole world is being put on lockdown due to the fatal affects of COVID-19. Many people, of all races, ages, and living environments, around the world, are experiencing this horrible virus. I’ve seen heart wrenching videos for weeks from medical workers, I must say, each of them has brought me to tears. People are dying alone without family. Family members having to see death via FaceTime or Skype. The toll that’s being taken on ALL of the essential workers, and the dedication that each of them have to help as many as they can.

2020 has indeed been a year for the books.....

All is well and all will be well! 

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