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Danielle Teen





Danielle Teen

"Never stop dreaming and believing. When it’s your time, you will get that “sign”! 

RS- So tell us where are you are originally from? 
DT- I am originally from Springfield, Missouri. However, I grew up in small town, in Kansas!

RS- How was it growing up there? It was great! 
DT- Typical cliche, “it’s a great place to raise a family”. Times were different back then. We went outside to play all day but knew to get our behinds home when the streetlights came on! 

RS- Would you ever go back to live? 
DT- Small town Kansas…no. I’ve been exposed to too much of the world and have seen so many other wonderful places that have much more opportunities to offer. Loved it then, but when you step outside your box, you realize how much bigger the world is. Would advise anyone growing up in small towns, to go to the big city or cities when you can!

RS- What’s been your main profession outside of Modeling? 
DT- I work for a major commercial airline. 

RS- Where do you currently live?  
DT- I live in New York, on Long Island. About 50 mins east of NYC. 

RS- You would be considered a late bloomer by society when it comes to modeling, Deep down is modeling something you always wanted to do? 
DT- Yes! When I was a teenager, I was that live mannequin you would see in the clothing display windows in the mall! Lol…so funny to see people come up and try to make you laugh or lose your composure! When the mall would have fashion shows for participating stores, I was walking! Thinking back now, it was hilarious! Fun times for sure! I love the camera! For me, it’s giving different personalities in a few clicks. As I’ve gotten older, and society is more accepting to all body shapes, appearances, and the broader scope of what a “model” looks like, I’ve been able to let my natural beauty be more present. And that’s ok!!! 

RS- What you say to women who think it’s too late to pursue their dreams? 
DT- Don’t let FEAR be your detriment! We all fear failure. We all fear rejection. At this age and phase in life, we’ve experienced both. But here we are, still going. Life isn’t over because we have a few grays and wrinkles. Never stop dreaming and believing. When it’s your time, you will get that “sign”! The greats didn’t become GREAT overnight! 

RS- You’re currently in the Fab40 competition.  What would it mean to you to win? 
DT- . What it would mean to win is knowing I put my fears aside and went for it regardless of what people may think. I proved to myself that I too can make my dreams come true which is very important for me to show my 21 yr. old son. Perseverance is everything and this competition is truly a marathon. I’ve never been this open with complete strangers. Even with my socials, I totally have become transparent. I’m used to only share myself with close family and friends. But I realize I do need this exposure to get to the next level! The most rewarding part of this particular competition, however, is the Breast Cancer awareness fundraiser aspect! I personally have family and friends that have been affected and to be a part of something that is bigger than me is the beauty no doubt! 

RS- What's a typical day like of Danielle Teen?  
DT- Now that I’m an empty nester because my son is back on campus in his dorm, I have more time for me! More time in the gym. More time for online submissions, which I’m still trying to get the hang of with all the different ways to submit. That part I’m truly showing my age and must use my “phone a friend”, my son for help, lol! But yes, I’m able to get back to Danielle. Being silly, dancing, modeling. Spending time with my family and friends is so important to me. 

RS- Is there anyone in the model or entertainment industry you look(ed) up to and maybe see as a mentor or inspiration? 
DT- There are so many beautiful women that have been killing this industry for decades! Tyra! I wanted to be in her show, but I was past the cut off age when she first started it. Of course, there’s Naomi, Beverly, Iman, Alex, Halle, Tracee. Tracee and I are best friends in my head, lol. These are all Icons! But seeing women at my age, just getting started is what’s really inspiring me! I’m reinventing myself it seems to be. Even with the wrinkles! 

RS- What advice would you give to a young Danielle Teen? 
DT- Take the risk! You can be that girl! If not you, then who! Someone else?!? Be bold! Be courageous! Speak up with that passion and fearlessness! Always give 110% 

RS- We heard you’re a big football fan, what’s your favorite team (s)? 
DT- I laugh when people ask who my favorite team is! I have several! All for different reasons! Don’t get mad at me, lol! But at the end of the day…it’s my Chiefs! 

RS- What’s it like balancing Motherhood with your career? 
DT- It was challenging. Scary and a struggle. I was a single mom for most of my son’s life. It’s just the two of us in New York. My family back in KC was major in helping me juggle being away from him and having to work. A lot of plane rides between the two states. Oftentimes I wanted to throw in the towel and move back. Many tears. But I have a village here in New York that also held me down. Strong women that have supported me from day 1! My job is here, my son has grown up here. This is our community. Our faith in God has been our anchor! 

RS- Rapid Fire questions…. 
RS- M&M’s or Skittles? 
DT- Skittles…more flavor

RS- Heels or Sneakers? 
DT- Sneakers! Heels only worn truly with intent at this stage! Lol!! And I have my flats in my bag! 

RS- Sunrise or Sunsets? 
DT- Sunrise! Make it a point to set my alarm to watch a beautiful sunrise with a cup of coffee. Such a peaceful way to start my day! 

RS- What is your favorite season and why? 
DT- Fall/Autumn! The crisp air, the foliage of the trees changing. Smell of football season, lol! And for me. Red wine season has officially begun, lol! Rose’ in the summer, red in the fall! 

I Am Ms. Precious

"“Dream Without Fear &

Love Without Limits!"

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RS-What came first modeling or photography?

PR– Modeling, for 15 plus years, Photography started in GA 2014 

RS- How long have you been both?

PR- 8 years

RS- Which to you prefer most, in front of the camera or behind the camera?

PR- The more I do photography to more I love being behind the camera, but I love both. I can do both at the highest level! 

RS- Take us behind the scenes of your top photo shoot as a model/photographer-

PR- Big break with Ms. Shaneka's engagement shoot, Model Shoot with Big Yummy
RS- Beauty regimen: How do you keep your skin healthy? Your hair?

PR- Drink a lot of water, herbs, supplements, I keep organic. It’s about cleansing the inside of your body, detox, the beauty comes from within  

RS- What fashion trends do you love this season?

PR– Shoes original custom

RS- What advice would you give to aspiring models about branding? Securing work? Choosing gigs?

PR– Don’t rush the process, stay focused, the best is yet to come. Don’t let no one discourage you because one person could say one thing, but then a million people may love.  Do what makes you happy!  

RS-  Has your perception of the modelling industry changed over time?

PR–  All the models are starting to look the same, plastic surgery, natural bodies are in.  

RS- Which models and photographers do you admire?

PR- Still going Design, Chelsea 

RS- What do you do to stay in shape?

PR- Just detox, I haven’t hit the gym in years, most people don’t believe it but it’s true!

RS- Name three things on your bucket list? If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

PR- Bali, retire by 35, I want to be on autopilot and just travel. 

RS- Which three songs are you listening to on repeat at the moment?

PR- I’m a 90’s kid so its always 90’s

RS- What is your hidden talent?

PR– Song writing 

RS- What is your favorite season?

PR– Summer, it includes my birthday and a like hot weather.  

RS- What is your favorite meal?

PR- Crabs

RS- What is your favorite show on TV, why?

PR- Martin, all old sitcoms anything on TVone

RS- Sneakers or Heels- Heels,

PR- I’ll rock sneakers

but they have to be fire 

RS- Skittles and M&M

PR- M’s 

RS-  Sunrise Sunsets

PR-  Sunsets 



Madison "Jarae"

This evening we were able to sit down with MadisonJarae and talk about her modeling career, her future endeavors, and goals.

MadisonJarae was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. However, she was raised as a Georgia Peach in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Ga. MadisonJarae is the middle child of 5. Although her parents divorced when she was just nine years old, she was always shown love and support of her goals and dreams from both parents. Family is very important to MadisonJarae. She credits her mom for being a very strong woman, and that’s where she gets her strength from. Seeing her mom as a single parent, doing what she had to do to care for her family without complaint. During that time, MadisonJarae said that she and her older sister stepped up to care for her younger siblings while her mom worked.

RS - When did you start modeling?
MJ - “In my senior year of high school, I was asked by a few classmates, who were creative innovators, to do photo shoots. That’s where it started. I didn’t model much in college, I was focused on school.”

Last year, MadisonJarae started posting more pictures of herself on Instagram. As beautiful as she is, she was noticed on IG. Then she started modeling for different brands. Her modeling career began taking off with great momentum for a steady four to five months, pre COVID-19. MadisonJarae mentioned that she believes everything happens for a reason. She stated, “You know, sometimes the photo or video shoots weren’t smooth, or things just didn’t go right. That made me question, ‘Like, God, is this what I’m supposed to be doing? I know I’m not suppose to be an extra, but I’m supposed to be the artist. I believe now that this is God’s Devine timing.”

MadisonJarae expressed her true love and passion to me. Now that we’ve been faced with this pandemic, she has been able to put more focus into her dream.

MJ - “I love to sing! I’ve always wanted to sing! I believe I am a ‘Powerhouse! Music is what I love to do l, but modeling was paying my bills.”

RS - Being a ‘Powerhouse’ is a big deal. When I think of a powerhouse, I see Beyoncé or Mariah Carey. Those are big shoes to fill, do you believe that you can share the stage with either artist?

MJ - “Yes, yes I do! I definitely have big vocals.” She says with a big smile! “I actually started recording when I was like fifteen and sixteen years old. Back then the timing wasn’t right for my music. I then kind of lost touch with my dream, and getting caught up with what others wanted me to do. As well as keeping my parents happy. Now that I’m doing what I love, it’s like life is starting to show me the blessings of doing what you love! I mean, I started getting opportunities everywhere I go. I focused on what I wanted and I just started attracting that energy.”

RS - So, how has the transition been for you, going from a model to now making music?

MJ - “I was lucky enough to meet people along the way who taught me that confidence is key! Believe it or not, I was shy growing up. I didn’t speak up for myself. I learned in this business, closed mouths don’t get fed. Upon learning that, I became more vocal in the decisions that I wanted for my career. I say what I want, I say what I feel. You are your power! You are your greatest weapon! Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you! When you know who you are, and what you want, people respect you different.”

RS - As a singer, do you still use MadisonJarae?

MJ - “No, My modeling name is MadisonJarae. As an artist, I go by Jarae.”

RS - So what is your music genre? How would you categorize your music? Who is the audience that you seek to relate to?

MJ - “I see myself as an R&B, POP artist. I’m like a Beyoncé,with a mix of Christina Aguellera, with an Alicia Keys tone. I haven’t heard another sound like mine. I want to change the world. I want to leave an impact that will help young girls, you know to make people feel good about themselves. Modeling has brought me closer to learning myself. People were always staring at my face, like, what’s behind the face, is there a story? There is, a big story. My music allows me to tell my story.”

RS - So are you done with modeling?

MJ - No, I wouldn’t say that I’m done, I’m low key retired for now, (laughing) to focus more on my music. However, I will have to still continue with photo shoots as an artist. So the modeling never really stops for me. It just enhances with my singing.”

RS - With your music, what are you currently working on?

MJ - “My first single will drop soon, aiming for the end of the month, and I am so excited!”

RS - So what is a typical day in the life of Jarae?

MJ - “Well a typical day for me, well I like to start off with a little wake and bake,” as she giggles. “Uhm, eat fresh fruit or a smoothie for breakfast. Listening to music, dancing in my room. I like to draw. I love to paint. I am very artsy. I teach myself everything! I want to be able to say that I’m the most talented person in the room! (Laughing). I taught myself how to be number one! Oh, and I am also working on two books, so I’m an author in the making as well. I love to stay busy, you know listening to beats, working on new music. I’m always trying to be better than I was the day before.”

RS - Where do you see yourself five years from now?

MJ - “I can’t say, because I don’t know. But I do know that it’s going to be bigger than I imagine. If I keep on the path that I’m on, I know that God’s plan is bigger than what I can even see. I do know that five years from now, you will definitely know my name and who I am. I will be a walking testimony for others to learn, and grow from. If I can help one person a day, I know that I am serving my purpose in life. Five years from now, I know that I will definitely be changing the world! I don’t want to only be classified as a singer or model, but someone who left their legacy that made a positive impact. Right now, I am a star. Five years from now, I will be a Super Star!”

In closing, we want to thank MadisonJarae for taking time from her busy schedule to speak with us at RealStarr. To contact MadisonJarae she can be found at:
@madisonjarae on IG
@madisonjaraemusic on IG

Lena Chayce

She Is...

So Real, So Pretty

On this amazing afternoon, we want to thank the beautiful, Koren Gibbs, also known as, SoRealSoPretty, for taking time to sit down with us. 

Koren is a native of Anderson, Indiana. She started modeling at the tender age of 15.  I asked Koren, “Who/what inspired you to model?” Responding, Koren states, “It came natural.” She was given an opportunity by a photographer in her hometown who believed in her talent. Growing up, she was often told that she is ‘So Pretty’. Without a doubt, very befitting for this young beauty. The So Real was added a little later in life.  I asked her how did that name come about?  She states, “I always say what’s on my mind. I do believe in keeping it real. Anyone who knows me says that I ‘Always keep it real’. So, I made it my name on Instagram, and the rest is history.”

Koren has been living in Atlanta since 2013.  Her modeling career allows her to be a hands on mom to her handsome four year old son. I saw a few pictures of Koren’s son. He definitely gets it from his Mama with the posing, and natural beauty gene pool! I asked Koren if she thought that her son would be interested in modeling? “Though he loves the camera, and takes amazing pictures, he’s not that type of child. He’s a man’s, man. He’s not afraid of getting dirty and playing rough!” She says with a bright smile! Koren has a great support system, and the full backing of her son’s father.  This allows her to pursue her career as a model. Koren is seeking opportunities from vendors who, not only she can work for, but who can also work for her.  She takes her craft very seriously. Her current interests are building her brand, and becoming an ambassador supporting designers who are up and coming, as well as established in the modeling industry. 

A typical day for Koren is running errands, always on the phone setting her schedule. Koren also enjoys cooking, and kicking back with her girls in her off time. She states, “I love to party! I’m young, and I like to get out and enjoy myself.” (laughing)

I asked Koren where did she see herself five years from now? She states with great enthusiasm and confidence that she will be, “A Guru in real-estate!” She has great ambitions to place people in their dream homes. With her endearing , pleasant, and  warm demeanor, she will definitely be the people’s choice is realty. 

We here at REALSTARR will continue to support Koren, SoReal,SoPretty in all of her future endeavors.  If you would like to book this bombshell, you can reach her at @sorealsopretty on IG.

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Lena Chayce

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