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March 9th, 2020


 Photo obtained from Vanessa Bryant Instagram page

Dear Vanessa 


After watching the memorial for Kobe and GiGi, I had to reflect on my life as a wife, and as a mom. I remember getting a text a little after 1pm from a dear friend stating that Kobe Bryant died. I was thrown off, and instantly thought, I despise fake news! I instantly went to CNN, and any other reliable source of  news. I saw nothing.  Then I came across an article which read, helicopter crash in Calabasis, Ca.  I read the brief article. My husband calls and he says, “Baby, Kobe Bryant is dead!” Everything went into slow motion for me.... Kobe, not Kobe.... nooooo, no, no! I instantly went numb,  and could only think about his wife.  Oh my GOD, no.... “Baby, that has to be the helicopter crash! Not Kobe no! “ Then I heard that all of his girls were with him. As a mother, and a wife, my whole world stopped. All I can do is pray, and cry that this is not true! 


So now that we are here in the present, witnessing the memorial of Kobe and Gianna Bryant, my life has been forever changed. My heart felt prayers goes out to Vanessa Bryant, her daughters, the parents, as well as the siblings of Kobe. As a mom, wife, sibling, and child, this loss has taken a complete hold of me! Something like  a wake up call.  The timeline of life can never be pinpointed. We never know if today will be the last day. With that being said, it is more important to love, forgive, encourage, and live, to get us through each day in a peaceful way. No one knows the day or hour. With that knowledge, is it really that difficult to forgive, love, and encourage those whom we care for and love, even if we do not always agree?


Since January 26, 2020, I know that I have shedded many tears, hugged my sons a whole lot more, and look at my husband through different eyes.  Life has more meaning. We are here for just a short time, and in that time, love one another.  There is no situation too big that is worth going to bed angry.  The sad truth, none of us know the day or the hour when our light will dim, with that in mind, allow love to conquer all.  By Lena Chayce

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