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Karen Kice


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Karen Kice 

March 21, 2020



RS- So tell us where are you are originally from?

KK- Iceland

RS- Whoa

RS- So what inspired the Kice Collection name?

KK- K is for Karen and Ice is for Iceland, and that’s my third name “laugh”

RS- Wow surprised we didn’t pick up on that and put two and two together. How long have you been in the states and what was it like growing up in Iceland?
KK- Umm, moved to the states in 2013, and it took about a year to adjust, a real culture shock

RS- Do they drive on the opposite side of the road in Iceland?

KK- No same side, we don’t have big highways, and all these bridges, and gotta merge on the exits, like that was all new to me, every time I traveled I never drove I always took a taxi or uber, “ well uber wasn’t invented but I would arrive to the club in the yellow cab, some crazy stories. Growing up in Iceland it was cold and boring

RS- Would you ever go back to live?

KK- No

RS- Have you only lived in Georgia?

KK- Yes

RS- When did you know that fashion was your niche, your passion?

KK- When people started wanting  to buy my stuff that I was making, I was like hold up, my little hobby is turning into something, because I was really all over the place, I really didn’t know what  I wanted, but I knew I wanted to be my own boss.  Back in Iceland I did nails, not acrylic but like gel nails, I had my own business, but here it's a nail shop on every corner and you can get a nice set for twenty dollars and I was charging like fifty, sixty, because not that many people do it in Iceland and I was doing artwork and all of that, I always been into art, but when I came here I was like I can’t really do that and my husband didn’t want me to get a nine to five so he was like just take your time adjust to everything and figure out what you want to do.  So I did some acting and modeling, and really didn’t like being a model, being told what to do, this guy told me to lose seven pounds that I needed to lose some weight and I just didn’t like that, but then I seen the designer and the designer was sitting there in a chair with a book writing notes and was like I wanna be that person. That looks nice to me, I wanna be the Boss, I don’t like being in the herd .


RS- So is that the inspiration or are you inspired by any other designers?

KK- Right now I have yeah, but back then I didn’t really look at clothing fashion, like my Mom was really surprised, she was like you never picked up a needle and thread in your life.  So after about six months in the states I was in the store and I seen a sewing machine and I was like you know what I can just start sewing for a hobby for fun and my husband was like you better use that thing because we’re investing money in this stuff “laugh”.  So I think I was making unwearable things for like a year “laugh” like really bad stuff, just practicing

RS- Well it’s really good now.  Your line seems to be pretty exclusive,  and you seem to be making every piece yourself. Do you want to remain in that space or scale to big box?

KK- I’m really kinda doing both, I go to vendors with a few ready made pieces, but now my demand is so much and I can only sew so much so I been trying to hire people but it’s been a very tough process, so yes I want to scale, big big, so Kice Collection is on bags like you know like Michael Kors the sky’s the limit, so I want to have both, the big box and custom pieces.

As stated by Karen Kice, "Such an iconic moment, Londynn B in an original Kice Collection Piece on the red carpet at The 2020 Grammys!"

📸 @londynnbofficial 

RS- So great Segway into the next question.  Tell us about LondynB and how that relationship came about?  

KK- I just DM’d her, I DM a bunch a people and she’s just one that reached back, and we just bonded we have dinner and go out so now we have a friendship and a great business relationship, that’s really how it happened 

RS- How long has that been?

KK- It was before “Rhythm and Flow” came out she had like 30k followers and the time, so probable less than a year. 

RS-   did you feel at that moment when you saw your piece on the Red Carpet at the Grammys?

KK-  I was at home and I was like I don’t really know how to feel it was really exciting and then seeing the E-News video that was amazing, I was like its official official! I was like next time I wanna be there. 

RS-  Who else would you like to design an exclusive piece for, who else would you like to see in a Kice Collection on the red carpet?

KK- The top two to pop in my head is Cardi-B and Beyonce. I know my stuff is there

RS- Shoot for the moon and land among the stars! 


RS-So we see you’re into fitness and food, what’s your other interest and hobbies.  What's a typical day like when you’re not being Karen Kice.  

KK-  Ooo, I like art everything with art, I would love to paint more, I paint on clothes and really want to make big gowns where I just go crazy on paint on them, I love being outdoors and being with the kids 

RS- What’s it like balancing Motherhood with the career?

KK-  It can be very tough, it’s like I have all these orders but I want to spend time with the kids, and as a mother you feel guilty like oh my gosh what do I pick, I really have to limit things like going out, I’m a party animal I like to go out all the time but I can’t and I’m to the point where people are paying me to come out so it’s interesting.

RS- Alright so here’s some rapid fire, first thing thing that comes in your head. 

KK- Okay

RS- M&M’s or Skittles?

KK- Hmm, that’s a tough one, probably M&M’s

RS- Heels or Sneakers?

KK- Ooo, man I want to say both, depends on the occasion, I’m always in gym clothes so I’ll say sneakers, heels start hurting “laugh”

RS- Moe’s or Chipotle?

KK- I really don't eat out, I think I’ve been to Moe’s once and more times to Chipotle so I’ll say Chipotle, don’t really remember how Moe’s was

RS- Sunrise or Sunsets?

KK- I’m a morning person Sunrise

RS- Thank you so much , stay safe and stay healthy

KK- Thanks!

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