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Entrepreneur Realtor

Tamara Ratliff


Tamara Ratliff


RS- So tell us where are you are originally from?

TR-  I was born and raised in Oakland, CA. 

RS- How was it growing up there?

TR- I’m not sure how to describe it. I’m from Sobrante Park, a well known area in East OAKLAND. People would always say one way in and one way out lol. That wasn’t in a good way either. Unfortunately, when you hear where I’m from, you automatically think “hood.”

RS- Would you ever go back to live?

TR- I would probably think about it if the cost of living wasn’t so high. I miss the weather. I miss the food. Most importantly, I miss the culture. 

RS- How long have you lived in Georgia?

TR- I moved to Georgia in 1999. Right after I graduated from San Leandro High School.

RS- When did the passion for real estate begin?

TR- hmmmm, I would say about 5 years ago. I’ll be honest with you though..I had no clue what I was getting into. I remember sitting in class asking myself.. “Tamara how are you going to do this?!” Lol 

RS- Do you have any mentors; someone you seek advice from in the realtor game?

TR-  I adore Quiana Watson of Watson Realty Co.  I don’t know her, but I heavily follow her on social media. I love her drive. I respect her transparency. I can tell that she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to this industry. She has motivated me to keep educating myself more and more with every aspect of real estate. She also motivated me to pursue my brokers license. I just recently finished the class. Now I have take the test. That exam was hands down the hardest test that I’ve ever taken. Another thing about Quiana, she’s a head turner. When she shows up it’s always fashionably professional. I definitely admire her brand. 

RS- What's a typical day like when you’re not being Tamara the Realtor?

TR- I’m being Tamara the mom (football mom), the wife and daughter. In addition to that, I’m the GM at a very popular cigar bar in Lithia Springs, GA. Acere Cigar!

RS- What are some accolades or your biggest accomplishments as a Realtor?

TR- I’m extremely proud of myself. I was a top producer at my brokerage for 2021. 

RS- If you could sell a home to anyone famous etc. Who would it be and why?

TR- Shucks! This is a hard one. I would have to say Beyonce’ and Jay. They’re known for being so private. I would be honored  to know that I’m one of the 5 people on the planet who actually know where they live lol. Plus I’m sure that commission would send all my boys to college for free!  Imagine me posting a closing pic with Blue. Epic right!! 

RS- What advice would you give to a young Tamara about real estate ?

TR- I would tell her to start off in Commercial Real Estate. Residential is great but there are way more agents who specialize in residential than there are commercial. I definitely would have told her to pursue this career earlier on as well. God’s timing though! 

RS- What are some of your other interest and hobbies

TR- I love watching sports even though It gives me an anxiety attack most times. I love to travel, but I hate to fly. I’m also a hopeless romantic. I enjoy watching love movies! I’m a big cry baby. It’s bad lol

RS- What’s it like balancing Motherhood with your career? 

TR- It’s extremely hard. I take my family with me to show homes all the time. I’m usually at the bar most nights, so most of my time is spent with them during the day/right after school.  We go to breakfast or lunch every Saturday and Sunday before I head out to the lounge. There’s one thing that I refuse to miss out on, and that’s both of my sons football games. I don’t care what I have to do, work is scheduled around that. 

RS- Rapid Fire questions….. 

RS- M&M’s or Skittles?

TR- Peanut M & M’s

RS- Heels or Sneakers?

TR- I prefer heels but sneakers are more friendly! 

RS- Sunrise or Sunsets?

TR- Sunrise 

RS- What is your favorite season and why?

TR- Summer. I love being outdoors and I love wearing my toes out, or barefoot if I can be.  

IG @homesweethomevixx and @tamara_is_my_georgiarealtor

Tamara Ratliff


JP & Associates Realtors Metro Atlanta

1777 NE Expressway, Suite 280

Atlanta, GA 30329 Mobile: 678-755-4320

IG: @homesweethomevixx


It's All About  Us

Marcus Walker, Atlanta native, Father, Navy Veteran, and University of Duke Graduate is truly living the American Dream.

Mr Walker came from very humble beginnings growing up in College Park, Ga to launching the only Black owned Merchant Card Service company in the U.S. “M&M Merchant Card Services Inc.”.  Marcus’s rode to entrepreneurship began back in the mid nineties when he was one of the top sales reps for MCI World Com.   Marcus then took his talents to one of the largest processing companies in the U.S. before taking the leap of faith and starting M&M in 2002.  M&M Merchant Card Services offers safe and reliable credit card processing. Working  with all types of merchant accounts to provide trusted terminal & POS systems, E & I commerce online to aid in billing of the customers and clients.  As of today M&M has 135 sales reps and counting on the frontline securing accounts.  

In 2006 Marcus lost his Mother and by way of handling her final business affairs is where he realized the importance of philanthropy and giving back.  Marcus discovered that his Mother was making recurring charitable donations to various organizations including a book scholarship that he now funds at his alma mater Banner High School. Marcus also feels it important to give back through random acts of kindness such as showing up to a grocery store a taking care of the tab for seniors, or rewarding kids online with an Xbox for getting straight A’s on their report card. 

Marcus developed an affinity for the sport of boxing at a very young age.  It would be later in life in his navy days that  he would actually act upon that affinity.  Marcus took to the ring on the navy circuit posting a 22-4 record.  His son Kamauriay “Kam” would too have this same love for the sport.  It was from this love that “King Kam Promotions” was born.  Kam has had a very successful amateur career competing in matches all around the world.  Kam, now a sophomore at St Thomas University in Miami Gardens pursuing a degree in Sports Management, has taken a break from competing but is still training with former champion Glenn Johnson.  Marcus is open to the possibility of Kam going pro in 2021.

Visit  and to setup merchant services for your business and tell ‘em ReaLStarr sent you! 

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