The EGlaze Chronicles will be back on the @otvmedianetwork in June with more great guests! Our next guest will be our 85th and we can’t wait to for you to see who we have!! Until that time enjoy some clips from our previous 84 guests.

The E-Glaze Chronicles

On June 7th we had 2 shows for you on the EGlaze Chronicles!!! On Our 1st show we had Morning news anchor Constance Jones!

We talked with Constance about what’s going on in her career and also some of the hot news items of today! The second show was with the Head Coach of the Baylor Lady Bears Nicki Collen!

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EGlaze Chronicles Episode #88 w/ Dr Steve Perry

EGlaze Chronicles #87 w/ Baylor Lady Bears Head Coach Nicki Collen

EGlaze Chronicles episode #86 with News Anchor Constance Jones

The EGlaze Chronicles w/ Elizabeth Williams of the Atlanta Dream

Show #85 with Atlanta Dream Star Elizabeth Williams

In this clip I was able to ask WSB-TV anchor Jovita Moore what was the most surprising thing to happen in 2020 for her! Click to hear her response! We miss you Jovita and please get well and we can’t wait to see you back on air!!