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Jason Jackson

RS- Please tell the people your name and where you’re from
JJ- My name is Jason Jackson, I’m from St Louis, MO North county to be exact

RS- Jason do remember your first piece of artwork that let you know, Yes this is what I want to do?
JJ-  Yes, I was in the first grade and in class there was an art assignment in class to draw a picture of this rabbit.  I knew that my teacher would display the best art work in the hall way outside the classroom.  I was determined to have the best rabbit and see my drawing displayed in the hall way.  The next day when I came to school sure enough my rabbit was up in the hall way.  It was the best in class.  I knew then I was an artist.

RS- Who are some of the other artist that inspire you and that you admire?
JJ- I went to Hazelwood East High School in North County St Louis, and at the school there were works art of art in the commons area and near the auditorium done by an alum “DLWarfield.  DL Warfield would also come to the school and speak to our art class about the industry and what it took to make it as an artist. I wanted to be like him, he really inspired me.

RS- So where did the name Concept24 come from? 
JJ-  So my cousin played football at the University of Michigan, my father wasn’t around, so my cousin was the first male role model that I had.  He was a running back that was drafted by the Giants I think in 82’ 83’, and his number was 24 so that was always my favorite number. As I got older and I started to figure out what I wanted to do with my freelance art so “Concept24” came about based off the fact that everybody has a gift a, passion, something that burns within them.  And I feel that it's your  responsibility to use whatever it is that they’ve been blessed with and use it for good to create positive energy in this world. We got two things going for us, we have our gifts and everyday is a new day, everyday is a new 24. So what are you gonna do with what you have today to create positive energy in this world? 

RS- That “Concept” pun intended, Is really dope.  So it appears that you’ve created different entities of “Concept24”, tell us more about that. 
JJ- Well it started with just basic artwork, ever since college I loved using different types of mediums; color pencil, charcoal, acrylics, oils, all those types of things. I can’t pick just one, a different medium kinda creates a different mood a different feel in terms of what you want to do what you want to say. And with subject matter I'm trying to reach a broad audience in terms of my artwork.  I want to expand this to reach as many people as possible. I’ve gotten into fandom, Comecon, Star Wars , X-men, Marvel, those types of things to restoration. I’ve restored things like tool boxes, and mixers for companies. Those type of things opened me up to what other kind of things can I get into with my art. Then last year somebody shared a video on my Facebook page of somebody painting shoes.  First thing I thought was that’s corny, that’s wack, that’s not going anywhere (laugh). Then somebody shared it , and then somebody else. So it kept hitting me and I was like alright I’m a look into it. I then realized how big it is, I never really been a sneakerhead, but I’m a turn into one now (laugh).  I was like this is really a thing, guys are doing this full time. Then the ego kicked in, all artist have egos whether they wanna tell you or not.  So I was like I can do it, but How can I do it differently?  How could I put my own stamp on this?  There’s no limits to what we can do, let’s see how far we can push this “twofourcustoms” 


RS- So if it's up you, when you wake up the in morning and you want to do whatever it is you wanna do in regards to art, what does that look like?

JJ-  Oh man, depends on what day it is (laugh). It's really weird because in terms of my brain and my heart, I'm all over the place. It's really kinda dictated by, well you know customers. That's always a factor but really from day to day it's just what I'm feeling. One day I could be feeling I have a great idea for a canvas shoot, the next day it could be painting based on what's going on in the world, conversations that I may have with people, music something I might hear on the radio, random thoughts, dreams that I might have. It's totally random, my wife always says "I'm complicated, but I'm basic".


RS- In the midst of what's going on today; the pandemic and the protests. Have you been inspired and, have any works come from that?

JJ- Yes, I'm glad you asked that, I'm doing a painting, a tribute to the class of 2020. I've received over 130 submissions from Seniors to be a part of this painting. With what's been happening in Georgia, New York, and especially Minneapolis, I've been struggling with that! I said I gotta do something, I can't just be a keyboard warrior.  So I am in the midst right now of creating a project, and I'm gonna do a Kickstarter.  I've picked a couple of different charities that I wanna work with and for anyone that makes a donation they will receive a sticker or print depending on the size of the donation, and 100% of the proceeds will go to and so again that's what I'm doing with my 24 to create something positive! 

ReaL Starr

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Anthony Rhyne

During the thick of quarantine, I was able Zoom with the sensual and sultry, up and coming R&B singer, Anthony Rhyne. Coming from humble beginnings, this Memphis, Tennessee Native has a lot to sing about. From being homeless with his mom and siblings as a young boy growing up, to learning how to hustle as a means of survival, to being the next best thing to grace the R&B scene.

RS - How old were you when your family was homeless, and what did you all endure?

AR - I was about five years old. I remember that we, my mother, two younger sisters, and younger brother, would live from couch to couch of family and friends. Sometimes, but not often, we had to sleep in the car, as well as go without food.

RS - How long did that situation last for you and your family?

AR - We were homeless for about five years. At that time, I went to live with my Grandmother.

RS - What type of impact did being homeless have on then, and now?

AR - Back then, my mother worked really hard to take care of me and my siblings. She was a determined woman. She was also a woman with pride. She wanted to make her own way for herself, as well as her children. As far as now, being homeless has taught me to hustle hard, getting out here, working hard, how to survive, and grinding for what I want.

RS - When did you start performing, and is this when you knew that you wanted to sing professionally?

AR - I began singing in church. I enjoy singing, however, singing isn’t my first love. My passion is basketball. At six feet tall, I play the position of point guard. I’m pretty good too.

RS - So why aren’t you playing basketball opposed to singing?

AR - With basketball, I feel like I missed my moment to pursue the game on another level. I have the work ethic and discipline for the game. It’s like I had to work hard at basketball. Growing up, I was told by many that I’d be a singer, back then I didn’t believe that, it was all about basketball. Singing cane much easier, it’s natural.

Anthony Rhyne has recently released his single, ‘Vibing’, along with the video. This song gives a new, feel good energy to R&B. You can chill with your mate and vibe with some wine. Or you can hear it in the club and get your groove on!

RS - Do you write all of you songs? What inspires your songs?

AR - Yes, I write all of my songs. My songs are usually inspired from my experiences in life. I like to write fun, sexual songs. I would like to one day write an album to tell my story.

RS - Pre COVID 19, I noticed that you were starting to tour, post COVID, do you plan to continue your tour schedule?

AR - Yes! I do plan to get back to doing what I love, singing, performing, and making people feel good.

RS - Are there any artists you would like to work with?

AR - I would like to work with all of them, Usher, Chris and Tank.

RS - Who is your motivation?

AR - My daughter she’s my. I’m doing it all for her.

Anthony Rhyne is on his way to ‘Vibing’ in all of ours lives! You can find the official music video on YouTube, Anthony Rhyne.

Twitter and IG: @anthonyrhynemusic
Facebook: Anthony Rhyne


Lena Chayce

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On April 15th, I had the pleasure of attending a virtual EP party. I’ve seen this artist on IG, and became an instant fan of this talented beauty! I would like to introduce, ‘Je’Melody’!

Je’Melody, born, JeTarika Pearson, was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. She has been singing since the tender age of four. Je’Melody says that she has always loved to sing. Although she sang in church, she knew before that, that she wanted to sing as a career. With a voice as silky smooth, and mesmerizing, I believe that she has made the right career choice!

During the listening party, I was truly intrigue with Je’Melody’s voice. Her voice is powerful! She has a sound that’s all her own. The content of her music has meaning! Je’Melody has recently released her EP, JADED.

RS - How did you come up with the title, JADED?

Je’Melody - Well Jaded means, that you’re tired of something, or just over it. For me, JADED is a release from past relationship experiences. You know we have that one relationship that takes us there. The one that teaches us, life, love, and hurt, the one we learn from.

RS - Do you write all of your songs?

Je’Melody - Yes. I write my songs. I also have an amazing team to work with when necessary. I can throw out a concept to them, and they assist in bringing what I’m saying together.

RS - Is this EP strictly for the ladies, or are there songs that both men and women can relate to?

Je’Melody - Of course, being a woman, I’m sure other women can, and will relate. I believe that men will enjoy the EP just as much. I have a song, BLAME, that speaks about anger and self blame. Then there’s DEPARTED, which talks about giving love, but not having that love reciprocated . VITAMIN D, well that’s pretty self explanatory, she says with a smile. I’m sure that both men and women will enjoy what they hear, and be able to relate.

RS - Who inspires you?

Je’Melody - To be honest, anybody going after their dream inspires me. Celebrity inspiration is definitely Jay Z. He is the epitome of what I strive to be. He is a self made mogul, a boss, he does it all! I believe that I can do, and have it all as well.

RS - Where do you see Je’Melody in five years, what do you anticipate?

Je’Melody - Five years from now, wow, in five years I believe people will know who I am. You will say, I remember her! I know who Je’Melody is! I believe people will want to buy and hear my music. I will be touring. I believe that I will also have awards from The Grammy’s, BET, VH1, and MTV!

RS - Let me ask, what does a regular day look like for you?

Je’Melody - I have a two year old daughter who keeps me pretty busy. I also like to write, dance and sing. Just kick back, Netflix, and enjoy myself.

Je’Melody is definitely a star on the rise. Be sure to check her out on social media! You can also download and stream on all streaming platforms. JADED!

There will be a live stream performance on FACEBOOK, April 22, 2020, Je’Melody unplugged!

Twitter: @jemel0dy
Instagram: @jemel0dy
Instagram: @jemelodymusic
Facebook: Je’Melody
Booking info: Jemelodymusic@gmail. Com

We appreciate Je’Melody taking time from her busy schedule to sit down and speak with us hear at REALSTARR!

Lena Chayce

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